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La Banda Elastica featured our latest single & music video release "We Dem Rakaz (Hola)" – available for free download on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/losrakas

Read the article: http://www.labandaelastica.com/content/los-rakas-reventando-la-calle

"El video, que trae de regreso el flow caliente del dúo panameño, fue dirigido por Nelson González Navarrete de Vitamin Productions y en él podemos observar a los integrantes de la agrupación y al mismísimo Wiz Khalifa, paseando en bici por las calles de Oakland."

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"The duo flows between languages, cultures and genres with a natural and motivated ease, a big part of their appeal. They are not trying to be cool or fun or hyphy or street; they just are." - Houston Press 

Read: http://blogs.houstonpress.com/rocks/2014/09/pachanga_tour_rakas_bomba_este.php

"Maaannn.... We've got a million stories!" proclaimed Raka Rich as we chilled in the Los Rakas green room at Warehouse Live last Friday night. Stories about meeting fellow Panameño musician El General at the "white people gym" back in Panama, how Scarface and Devin the Dude are their favorite Houston-based rappers, and how a bird mysteriously fell from the sky during the video shoot for their just released remix of Wiz Khalifa's "We Dem Boyz."

Within the last few years, Rich and his cousin Raka Dun have elevated themselves to the top of the Latin charts with their energetic and light-hearted mix of hip-hop, reggaeton and other Latino-Caribbean sounds. Their name is derived from the Panamanian slang "Rakataka," which means "hood rat" or "ghetto." By reclaiming the term and wearing it proudly, they provide hope to everyone who hears their hip-shaking and motivational tracks.

Los Rakas waiting to take the stage at Warehouse Live. Photo by Marco Torres.

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Los Rakas break out the scrapers and the BMX trick bikes to tear up the Oakland asphalt in the official video for “We Dem Rakaz” (Hola) – their rework of Wiz Khalifa‘s trapped out anthem “We Dem Boyz.” Replacing Khalifa’s “Hol’ Up” with “Hola”, the Rakas go mobbing through the streets with The Original Scraper Bike Team, some familiar MC’s and a few pounds of sabor.

Read the feature on OkayPlayer.com: http://www.okayplayer.com/news/los-rakas-we-dem-rakaz-hola-official-video.html

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Panamérika Premiere 

Watch on Panamérika: http://bit.ly/1AD9LUf
FREE DLhttps://soundcloud.com/losrakas/we-dem-rakas-hola 

Directed by Vitamin Productions, we start "We Dem Rakaz (Hola)" with Raka Rich leaving his apartment with Soy Raka - Los Rakas' 2010 underground classic single & video - bumping in the background as he takes off for a trip around Lake Merritt in Oakland, California with the scraper bike crew (Huffington Post: "Scraper Buke Culture Saves Lives In Oakland"). A local culture born from the streets, scraper bikes are recycled in creative and colorful ways to be paraded in style around the town.

"We have the same thing in Panama," says Raka Rich on highlighting the scraper bikes in the video. "It's about people re-using what they have and doing something dope with it. It's happening in ghettos everywhere," says Raka Dun. 

The video brings us back to the gritty and sweet part of the streets where Soy Raka left us back in 2010. Now, after releasing their major label debut and rocking national/international crowds with the signature Raka energy, we hear Raka Dun call out towards the end of the song a list of international cities and countries over the Wiz Khalifa hit, with a Raka twist:

Along with the remix and video, Billboard just named the group "10 Artists to Watch." Los Rakas hit the road with Colombian group Bomba Estereo this week for the Red Bull Panamerika's "Pachanga Tour." Their debut album "El Negrito Dun Dun & Ricardo" (Universal Latin) was a top Latin urban album on iTunes and is out now.

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Red Bull Panamérika Pachanga Tour begins tonight featuring Latin alternative artists Bomba Estéreo and Los Rakas. The tour kicks off tonight in El Paso and close in San Antonio on September 13 at the historic Pearl Brewery.

Bomba Estéreo, who played Lollapalooza last month and were nominated for a Latin Grammy for “Best Alternative Album” in 2013, will take over the stage and showcase their talents described as a mix of “electro tropical” and Colombian cumbia. Los Rakas, the  bilingual hip-hop group made up of Panamanian cousins Raka Rich and Raka Dun, consists of a mixture of hip-hop influences with reggaeton, reggae, and dancehall. 

“We couldn’t be more excited to bring a taste of the Pachanga musical experience outside of Austin and to the rest of Texas,” says Pachanga founder Rich Garza. “Red Bull Panamérika has been such a great partner at the Festival; our musical tastes are perfectly  aligned. We’ve both been looking to reach a broader audience, so going on the road together with some of our favorite bands made perfect sense for all of us.” 

Tour stops include:
Tuesday, September 9 El Paso, Lowbrow Palace
Thursday, September 11 Corpus Christi, House of Rock
Friday, September 12 Houston, Warehouse Live 
Saturday, September 13 San Antonio, Échale Block Party (free event)


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Official Behind The Scenes video for Los Rakas - "We Dem Rakaz"

Filmed by: Anthony Cole and Andrew Elsayid for Ineffable Music
Additional Footage Provided by: Raka Rene for TRProz
Edited By: Andrew Elsayid for Ineffable Music

Download We Dem Rakas at:

Website: http://www.LosRakas.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LosRakas
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/LosRakas
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/LosRakas
SoundCloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/LosRakas

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